What you can expect from Pilates

  • Strengthening of your core abdominal & pelvic floor muscles
  • Improvements in your posture & flexibility
  • Relaxation through improved breathing control
  • Assistance in managing back & neck pain
  • Improved performance in sports and other recreational activities

Pilates is about improving strength and control of the ‘core’ abdominal muscles to achieve a more efficient whole-body functioning system. Accurate technique and positioning is the key to getting the most out of Pilates. This is only achievable with close monitoring by the instructor, as well as their feedback.

Como Pilates is based on Clinical Pilates (designed by Australian physiotherapists), which incorporates research over the last 20 years into the link between poor quality of movement and low back pain. Clinical Pilates specifically addresses this, therefore helping to prevent future injury and rehabilitating those with existing injuries. It is a variation on the Pilates method founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, which was primarily used by dancers and gymnasts. Pilates is suitable, and beneficial, for all ages.